Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Well fuck this

Soo as I stated in my first post I'm a student, and it's pretty easy. But this whole zero income thing can fuck right off. I wasn't lucky enough to grab a full time job last summer and was stuck working shitty hours at a little piddly ass gas station. Well due to that I am now almost maxed on my visa as well as a cable bill thats due in 2 days and I have like zero money to pay it.

Ohhhh well I guess thats just how life goes.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hey folks, this is Luke and I am a University student currently attending University of Windsor. My whole reason for starting a blog is that I find myself thinking about random crap all of the time. Mostly inconsequential stuff while I'm high or whatnot. But sometimes while I am walking to class or doing something boring. Anywho I just wanted to give you folks a nice little intro to what I will be talking about in my blog. I'm hoping to have weekly updates but I will post a funny link from time to time as well.